Reading Test #4

Welcome to your Reading Test 4



Reading Section

In the Reading section of the test, you are asked to demonstrate how well you understand written English. It consists of three parts, with special directions in each part. Remember, you are not allowed to take notes. This section will last exactly 75 minutes.

Part 1

Directions: You will read a sentence that contains a blank as well as four answer choices that suggest words to fill the empty space. Select the answer choice (A), (B), (C), or (D) that best completes the sentence.

1. I am convinced that Jake is _________ honest man and not a fraudster.
2. When exactly did Mr. McDonovan _________ his own company?
3. Tomorrow I _________ leave the office before 7 p.m., sorry.
4. Aren’t you looking forward _________ to Dubai?
5. _________ when have you been Ms. O’Connor’s secretary?
6. Gina and Alfredo couldn’t respect the deadline anyway, _________?
7. I was supposed to spend Monday with my family, _________ I chose to come to work instead.
8. Please, never use company _________ when sending personal letters, will you?
9. Who of our 10 employees lives _________ from the office?
10. The Sales Department _________ just signed a sensational new contract with our biggest client!
11. We _________ to order some extra chairs, just in case.
12. After taking a plane from Vancouver to Frankfurt, I always feel _________.
13. Isn’t Ms. Alexandropoulos a full-time employee? – No, she is an external _________.
14. I suggest that Yuki _________ the new project with her direct supervisor.
15. Ms. Bolshova has just given me two great _________ about the bookkeeping!
16. No right-minded person _________ talk rudely to the big boss.
17. In our store, you can pay by check, _________ you are a local resident.
18. Igor felt quite ill yesterday, but today he has called and said that he feels even _________.
19. Philippa _________ the mail when the phone rang.
20. _________ distribute dividends this year?
21. Our department will surely stay within the _________ for this quarter, even with high travel expenses.
22. If Pekka _________ more careful yesterday, he wouldn’t have broken his phone.
23. I am used _________ with people from different countries.
24. Do you think the company will_________ charges against Mr. Hildebrandt for disclosing the information to the media?
25. The party that took place at the office _________ cheered up the entire team.
26. _________ hire temporary workers to fill in the gaps in the production.
27. Celine _________ submit her hour report last Friday.
28. Can you please ask the _________ to bring the drinks?
29. Our new premises _________ in the most beautiful neighborhood of the city.
30. Will you please send the draft to me first and only _________ to Harry?
31. Can you please make _________ my room in the morning, while I am away?
32. They have no one but _________ to blame for the poor results.
33. Please remember to take your _________ to your next meeting: it contains all the documents to sign.
34. _________ the gentleman standing at the reception desk?
35. Ms. Sydorenko promised that she _________ our charity case.
36. Did a lot of people attend your seminar? – Quite _________, actually!
37. My flight has been maintained _________ the thunderstorm.
38. I am afraid I have _________ patience to train the interns this summer.
39. I will never be promoted again, _________ I?
40. The flight _________ will proceed with safety demonstration before the take-off.

Part 2

Directions: You will be presented with four short texts, each containing three blank spaces. Use one of the four answer choices (A), (B), (C), or (D) to fill in the blank. Select the answer choice that best completes the text.

Questions 41 to 43 refer to the following text:

The new Faun-PM dog bed is the best new addition to your home. We have dozens of styles to fit your décor, as well as indoor or weather-resistant outdoor fabrics. Trims, fillings, fabrics, colors, and sizes all come customizable when you order from our website. Our patented mattress is specially crafted to ease the joint pain often caused by sleeping on unsupportive surfaces. _______ other pet beds will sag and tear over time, the Faun-PM dog bed has a lifetime warranty: if the product ever fails, we will take it back and give you a full refund.

Surprise your furry friend with a new bed and new toys! Each of our customized items _______ with a mystery gift for your pet that may include: a small plush toy, a bag of treats, or a bath set to sample our latest organic dog shampoos.

Order today and open a _______ to get an additional 30% off your entire purchase!

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following text:

 Dear Mr. Evan Wallace,

We write to you _______ your account held with South Canal Supply.

As you have been made aware, the balance in your account has reached a great debt. The total cost of our service is $10,400, and we request you begin tapering off your expenses and pay your debts before making further investments. We cannot condone any more loans made in your party’s favor _______ the balance is settled, including any equipment rentals, purchases, or shipments.

We suppose you have not had return business with your clients, indicating that your business practices are not paying off as you had proposed. As we can afford to keep only _______ business partners, legal action will be taken if no progress is made within the next 5 business days.


Benjamin Arellano
Legal Department
South Canal Supply

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following text:

Thank you for _______ to Next Step Care!

With your donation, you will receive a care package as to further show our gratitude. Your gift includes candies, a storybook, and a festive tea light to light up your end-of-the-year holidays. We will also be sending email _______ of the work completed thanks to your donations!

Next Step Care holds volunteer efforts around the world to promote the involvement of charity work and provide a better quality of life for those who need a little assistance. With your help donating and spreading the message, we hope to reach even the _______ corners of the earth.

If you have a minute, we ask that you simply share our website on social media to help get our ideas out.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following text:

Dear Employees,

Due to the current status of our building’s parking lot, we are forced to implement changes to ensure the safety of our staff and proper organization within the property. We have recently come into a volume of employment that our company-owned parking lot _______ contain, forcing some to park outside property lines.

While we are able to protect and insure against vandalism within our own parking lot, accidents and similar _______ outside the property are not something we will be able to assist with.

For the next couple of weeks, we will be providing parking passes for the adjacent parking garage while we expand and update our current lot. Please report _______ the Employee Resources office before leaving to receive your temporary parking benefits.

Once our new parking lot is ready for use, you will receive your permanent parking pass to hang on your mirror, as well as a parking number that corresponds to your employee ID and office location.


Alana Gunter
Head of HR Department

Part 3

Directions: You will be presented with several short texts or combinations of texts as well as questions about the content of these texts. Select the best answer – (A), (B), (C), or (D) – to the question based on the information obtained from the text.

Questions 53 through 56 refer to the following email:

Dear Ms. Barry,

Our office has gone through so much growth in the past month that we are having a difficult time keeping up with the supply and demand of various office products! For the next couple of weeks, we will be adjusting our numbers dramatically until we reach stable quantities in our stock again.

Printer ink will most likely stay as is: our company is attempting to become as paperless as possible, and we do not plan to use more than we have previously. The same can be said for paper and mailing labels: the bulk of our correspondence will be via electronic means, so we only need 5 extra boxes of labels and 10 of paper. To stock the new desks we have incorporated, we will need 5 cases of ballpoint pens, 10 of paperclips, and 5 of staples. We will be sending scans of our new employee roster to be made into a new round of name tags, of which we will request three copies per name. Our past workers found the magnetized tags to interfere with their electronics, so we would like our new round to be pins rather than magnets.

No changes in payment method will be made – we will accept the invoice for our items through the same account. I will send you a report of the new rate of supply consumption in two weeks, with appropriately adjusted numbers.

Thank you

Rhys Opal

53. What Ms. Barry’s role?
54. Which of the following can be assumed about the communication between Ms. Barry and Mr. Opal?
55. Which of the following is true about Mr. Opal’s company?
56. What is the problem with magnetized tags?
Questions 57 through 60 refer to the following memo:

Dear Staff,

As discussed in last week’s meeting, the Optometry Expo is coming up quickly and open spots for last-minute attendees are running low. If you are wishing to attend, you may either respond to the Expo newsletter with your name and workplace information or call them directly to sign up and receive your attendant ID.

Those who go will receive vouchers for each panel deemed beneficial to the studies focused on those within our offices, such as ophthalmology and disease. Any panels or classes held outside our current schedule will be at the expense of the individual, though you are encouraged to explore your options to further your education in the field. While accommodation will be included for those attending, food and drink will be at the expense of the employee.

We have temporarily entered an exchange program to train new employees in order to prepare them for work in larger, busier offices, rather than the small university clinics they start in. Employees chosen to train multiple individuals will be compensated with a bonus at the end of the month, based on the productivity throughout the training program.

If there are any further questions, contact me to clear up any discrepancies as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Einar Nilssen

57. What can be assumed about Optometry Expo?
58. Which of the following is necessary for registering for Optometry Expo?
59. Which field is Mr. Nilssen’s organization in?
60. Who will receive a bonus at the end of the month?
Questions 61 through 63 refer to the following notice:

To: All Guests

Date: May 28th

In the wake of the recent changes to building specifications within amusement parks, our location will be going through heavy construction this coming fall. We will temporarily close down all affected rides and buildings until the new specifications have been met, which will include five of our roller coasters, two children’s rides, and three restaurants. Guards will be posted at the entrances to each, providing information and preventing anyone from wandering into unsafe areas. Ticket prices for the season will come with 50% off all food purchases within the park as a consolation for the reduced variety in rides as construction continues; we will also be offering two-day passes at the same price as a single day pass. In the event that you have booked tickets after the 28th of March and before the publication of this notice, you will be reimbursed with the option to trade in your tickets for those you can use at one of our many sister locations. We apologize for any inconvenience and can assure all rides will be open to the public by the 9th of October. For further information please refer to our company website to find your location’s representative.

61. What is the main topic of this notice?
62. How many installations will be closed in total?
63. Which of the following is true, regarding tickets purchased in September?
Questions 64 through 66 refer to the following email:

Dear Mr. Anderson,

In regards to your online resume, we are contacting you to request a preliminary interview with our team at Mount Green Developers. We find your independent studies in the field of mathematics and engineering to be the exact fit for someone to join our organization. In this position, we will require you to work a combined shift of on-site work with the nation’s top computer scientists, as well as to lecture visiting students and perform basic training for interns.

The starting salary for our current position averages $125,000 a year, but we are more than willing to compensate for the educational work and further studies needed to fulfill the role by starting you at $130,000 with the chance to excel to $150,000 by the end of your first two years. We offer the highest private insurance and excellent benefits for those just out of school, like yourself. Our organization also requires yearly performance enrichment services, in which we pay for two weeks’ worth of refreshment courses to keep our top-rated staff educated and to encourage the learning process throughout your career.

I will be glad to hear from you with your availabilities for the interview.

Thank you,
Kim Choi

Talent Acquisition Manager

64. What does Kim Choi offer to Mr. Anderson?
65. Which of the following does the position’s description not include?
66. What can be assumed about Mr. Anderson?
Questions 67 through 71 refer to the following letter:

Dear Sirs,

I have been a consumer of both your beauty product line and your spa services at Spa Z for many years now. My entire skincare regimen is stocked with only your items, I visit the Spa Z resort twice a month, and I have been receiving excellent service since 2003. However, in the past few months, after the company’s hiatus to adjust to the merger with ResortCo, I have to admit that the quality of your services has deteriorated immensely. While I enjoy the larger variety of products and services, the staff members you have employed have not been trained to accommodate the changes, and the products you are now selling have inflated prices for less material.

For example, last month I walked in two minutes late to my scheduled time and was told the computer system in place would not allow me to check in late, causing a hassle before I could attend my appointment. This week, I was talked into purchasing a new line of hair products and realized the size of the new hairspray was half the size, but twice the cost of the old one. When I inquired about the product and the other sizes, the advisor at the desk wasn’t able to answer any of my questions.

I would deeply regret revoking my membership from the spa, but I am afraid I will have to do it if nothing is done about the undertrained staff.


Rose Lee

67. How can this letter be defined?
68. How often does Ms. Lee attend Spa Z?
69. What happened last month?
70. What is the problem with the new hairspray?
71. What is the conclusion of Ms. Lee’s letter?
Questions 72 through 74 refer to the following advertisement:

Welcome and thank you for choosing Express Tax Services Online, where we fill individual and business tax returns and eliminate the stress that accompanies each tax season. We have tax specialists online 24/7 all year round to handle any questions, comments, or concerns. With your online account, you can upload files, receipts, and employment information to keep track of any small transactions or changes and avoid the heavy workload when filing for the year. You can also choose to file through mail with our express shipping options to ensure your taxes are filed on time, where we are more than happy to reimburse the extra money needed for first class shipping.

ETSO also provides professional personal assistance for owners of small businesses and offers a discount for individuals in their first two years of owning a business. Across the board we have been voted the most personable and helpful service, being more customized to fit the needs of the individual than any other tax service nationwide.

Call the hotline number, located on our front page to be put through to a representative who can answer any questions involving your account.

72. How can the services provided by Express Tax Services Online be described?
73. What do clients, who do not wish to file online, receive from Express Tax Services Online?
74. What are the conditions to qualify for a discount for business owners?
Questions 75 through 78 refer to the following announcement:

Summer affords those looking for community service jobs an abundance of opportunity. As the weather calms down, the time is ripe for endless remodeling projects, construction, and outdoor summer jobs. Quality Employers is ready to match those looking for jobs to those looking for temporary employees.

For employees: Registration is free, and we have individuals on staff to help you find the perfect job suited to your ability.

For employers: We require a monthly fee to keep your jobs posted and available through our company, but we do offer a variety of contracts ensuring a certain number of workers provided for customized prices.

This season we will be well stocked with positions in the municipal gardens, where employees will be trained on the job and offered long-term contracts if their resulting work is exceptional. For those with First Aid certification, a growing number of public pools and waterparks are in need of lifeguards and pool attendants. Multilinguals and those with any extracurricular certifications will be put ahead once positions start filling up, so apply today to get matched with the perfect temporary employment!

75. What kind of jobs does the announcement primarily concern?
76. For whom does Quality Employers provide services for free?
77. For which position does a candidate need no previous experience, according to the announcement?
78. According to the announcement, which category of individuals will have the priority during the selection process?
Questions 79 through 80 refer to the following instructions:

Thank you for purchasing our Instant Pressure Cooker Plus, and enjoy the easy cookbook included to help kick-start your journey to becoming a prolific pressure cooking chef!

Pressure cooking surpasses many other means of cooking by shortening the wait time while the food still maintains the vitamins and minerals other methods would have eliminated. Although there are many types of these devices, they all work by raising the boiling point of whatever it is you’re making. Before using your Instant Pressure Cooker, please make sure that there are no flaws in the composition of the pot or packaging. If any are found, contact us for a free replacement. Use a minimum of one cup of water in the pot to cook properly, but most recipes will provide the proper amount for optimal cooking. After adding the water and food, center the pot on top of a larger burner set to high and monitor the pressure gauge on the lid. Adjust the heat accordingly until the food is simmering and set your timer. Remember to release the pressure correctly before taking off the lid, and enjoy your meal!

79. What is the first thing to do when cooking food in the device described in the instructions?
80. It can be assumed that Instant Pressure Cooker Plus has which of the following forms?
Questions 81 through 85 refer to the following emails:

Dear Mr. Aguillar,

We regret to inform you that we have come across a few discrepancies in our last shipment. It has been two months since the changes in your warehouse location were made, and we expected such mistakes to have been addressed and solved by this point in time. First, our previous shipment was made over three trips, not the usual single trip, which has caused a delay in stocking our location. As for supplies such as cups, lids, and straws: a larger amount than was expected has been delivered, resulting in an imbalanced invoice, whereas we ordered only 30 units of each the previous week. Finally, we have also received the wrong cleaning products. Please respond if you may shed some light on the situation.


Justin Grady

Dear Mr. Grady,

Thank you for your message sent yesterday. I am happy to provide the explanations regarding the situation.

From the supervising manager’s signature on the previous few orders, we have observed that your management has changed, indicating another person placing the orders. While this person has ordered the correct amount of the usual supplies, he or she may have failed to mention to you the modified schedule of the deliveries. Two months ago we indeed changed warehouse locations. We do apologize for the multiple trucks arriving with different parts of your inventory, but it was the only way to get them to your facility without delay when coming from our multiple warehouses.

Regarding the excessive plasticware, we will gladly allow you to keep the surplus and the new invoice will be addressed to you, reflecting only the 30 units of each item, as per your original order. Finally, your order of the cleaning products will be reviewed by an experienced member of our shipping team, and I will inform you of the results within one business day.

We value you as a customer and thank you for your patience.


Armando Aguillar,
Head of Shipping

81. What does Mr. Grady request in his email?
82. What justification does Mr. Aguillar provide for three deliveries instead of one?
83. What kind of changes have recently taken place at Mr. Grady’s and Mr. Aguillar’s companies?
84. What will Mr. Grady’s company not be paying for?
85. What does Mr. Aguillar say about the situation with the cleaning products?
Questions 86 through 90 refer to the following email and schedule:

Dear Pine Camp Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our training program for aspiring camp counselors. It is important to us that the children attending this summer camp have fun and stay safe, and we are well prepared to show you how. You will find enclosed your schedule for these exciting days. As you can see, Orientation will start at 8 am on Sunday the 25th of May and continue through the following Saturday. All applicants will be shown through the grounds and learn how to guide our campers through each event and activity. Meals, lodgings, and camping equipment will be provided for counselors free of charge, but you will bring your own toiletries, clothes, and any personal items you wish to keep in your cabins. Once initiated and settled in, you will be placed into 4 groups of 5 to fit our 4 cabins, which will be adjacent to the children’s 4. The payment for your service will be given at the end of the 20-day camp session, before which you can choose to receive a paper copy or direct deposit of your check.

We are looking forward to seeing you among our team members!

Gordon O’Brian
Pine Camp Director

86. How long will the Orientation last?
87. How many counselors will there be at the camp?
88. Which of the following activities is most probably nocturnal?
89. What will happen on June 2nd?
90. On which date will the camp counselors be paid?
Questions 91 through 95 refer to the following email and list:

Dear Mr. Schlossberg,

In response to your urgent request regarding the potentially fraudulent use of the company’s credit cards, I have compiled a list of my expenses while working here in Singapore. Keep in mind that some expenses are pending, and I will be able to provide a finished list upon my return to the office on February 10th. I also remind you that there are six of us from my department working at the convention, each one using his or her credit card linked to the same bank account. According to the procedures in place, I have kept all receipts, bills, tickets, and any paper statements acquired throughout the trip and have advised my colleagues to do the same to keep our records straight when we return. All financial exchanges made within our department will be directed toward our Head of Sales. There will be additional charges tomorrow for my taxi to the airport, probably around 50 Singapore dollars, and I will save that receipt as well.


Teresa Van der Merwe

91. What has most probably triggered Ms. Van der Merwe’s email?
92. What is the purpose of Ms. Van der Merwe’s trip to Singapore?
93. For how many nights does Ms. Van der Merwe stay in Singapore?
94. Which of the following is true about Ms. Van der Merwe’s expense list?
95. Which of the following items is Ms. Van der Merwe’s second largest expense?
Questions 96 through 100 refer to the following email and chart:

Dear Jessica,

To address your questions at the last meeting, we have compiled the survey results of the two previous years in order to compare our 2015 and 2016 marketing models.

Our experts have taken into account our customer satisfaction polls, carried out among 1,000 randomly selected clients. From our findings, we conclude that the marketing event in late 2015 was extremely successful and resulted in higher customer satisfaction ratings the following year. We, therefore, recommend holding it annually in order to boost both brand recognition and customer retention rate.

Thank you for the information supplied at the meeting; it has brought much insight to our online ratings. For instance, your intuition regarding the proportion of unhappy customers has proved to be correct. We will organize an internal meeting as soon as possible in order to address the situation.

Please feel free to call for any clarifications.

Thank you,


Customer Satisfaction Polls

96. Which department does Donald most probably work for?
97. Why does Donald say that the event was extremely successful?
98. What might have been Jessica’s guess during the meeting?
99. Which of the following client categories has been stable between 2015 and 2016?
100. What will most probably be Donald’s next action?

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